Workloads FailOver

Migrate workloads from not-ready clusters to healthy spare clusters

The FailOver feature gate is a new addition to our scheduler system since v0.16.0, designed to enhance the resilience and reliability of workloads running across multiple clusters. Once enabled, this feature gate allows for automatic migration of workloads from unhealthy clusters to healthy spare clusters.

The need for this feature arises from the inherent unpredictability of distributed systems. Clusters can become unhealthy due to a variety of reasons such as hardware failures, network issues, or software bugs. In such scenarios, it is crucial to ensure that the workloads are not affected and continue to run seamlessly. The FailOver feature gate addresses this need by providing an automated failover mechanism.

Use Scenarios

The FailOver feature gate is particularly useful in the following scenarios:

  • High Availability Applications: For applications where high availability is a critical requirement, the FailOver feature gate ensures that the application continues to run even if the underlying cluster becomes unhealthy.

  • Disaster Recovery: In the event of a disaster that renders a cluster unusable, the FailOver feature gate can automatically migrate the workloads to a healthy spare cluster, minimizing downtime.

  • Maintenance and Upgrades: During planned maintenance or upgrades, workloads can be automatically moved to spare clusters, allowing for seamless operations without any service disruption.

Identifying Unhealthy Clusters

An essential part of the FailOver feature gate’s functionality is the ability to accurately identify when a cluster becomes unhealthy. This is crucial for the feature to work effectively, as it triggers the automatic migration of workloads to a healthy spare cluster.

A cluster is identified as unhealthy if it stops reporting its heartbeat more than three times its heartbeat frequency (setting by --cluster-status-update-frequency in clusternet-agent). The heartbeat is a periodic signal sent by clusternet-agent to indicate that the child cluster is functioning correctly. If this heartbeat is not received for a duration that is more than three times the frequency of the heartbeat, the cluster is considered unhealthy by the lifecycle controller in clusternet-controller-manager. This cluster will be tainted with

How to Enable Feature Gate FailOver

Currently, the FailOver feature gate is still in alpha stage. To use this failover feature, you have to manually set the FailOver feature gate to true for clusternet-scheduler, such as below:



The FailOver feature gate is a powerful tool that enhances the resilience of your workloads. By automatically migrating workloads from unhealthy clusters to healthy spare clusters, it ensures high availability and seamless operations. However, it is important to manage and monitor your spare clusters to ensure they have enough resources to handle the additional workloads in case of a failover.