v0.4.0 (2021-09-06)

Clusternet Release v0.4.0

🎉 🎉 🎉 Clusternet Fourth Release !

Clusternet (Cluster Internet) is an open source add-on that helps you manage thousands of millions of Kubernetes clusters as easily as visiting the Internet. No matter the clusters are running on public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or at the edge, Clusternet lets you manage/visit them all as if they were running locally. This also help eliminate the need to juggle different management tools for each cluster.

Clusternet can also help deploy and coordinate applications to multiple clusters from a single set of APIs in a hosting cluster.

Changes Since v0.3.0

New Features

  • provides a two-stage priority based override strategy. Localization and Globalization will define the overrides with priority (ranging from 0 to 1000, default to 500), where lower numbers are considered lower priority. Localization is namespace-scoped resource, while Globalization is cluster-scoped. (#58, #61, #81)
    • NOTE: Currently only ApplyLater overrideType is supported, which means these overrides will be applied for all matched objects on next updates (including updates on Subscription, Manifest, HelmChart, etc) or newly created objects.
  • reports cluster/service CIDR and cluster node count in ManagedCluster status (#68)
  • introduces new feature gate FeedInUseProtection to automatically inject finalizer apps.clusternet.io/feed-protection on new objects and removes corresponding feeds from Subscriptions when deleting objects that do not have finalizer apps.clusternet.io/feed-protection (#77)
  • reconciles and applies resources on agent side - pull mode (#96)
  • allowing customizing ClusterType on cluster regsitration (#94)

Bug Fixes

  • fixes resources listing over all namespaces and filtering over label selectors (#65, #72)
  • When a new cluster is registered, or clusters are re-matched with updated labels, these clusters should be dispatched with all matching Subscriptions. (#90)

Downloading Clusternet v0.4.0

The common platform binaries are here:

OS ArchChecksum
Linux i386887b091e43ec342fc773ea24b86ac431929269e2390d645872cacb4b5c30f921
Linux amd64f4984b2b900d296423aeff4fcbcc41d6fb693c872a9e43c36a82dfea77134cb9
Linux arm6bdc655e384de105fc7ac9a66aa9a2c39795b3daae3a8c7f48f8cb6239d71326
Linux arm649945b8229c9953db50505a21b8b97c312b919180f164989415d72de0e56bc14a
Linux ppc64lefc070aba3bc5a6bfaf907ea1182cb65465a709a823f34b1042e7914a8212bbab
Linux s390x2363e9012cdaebf0db478f0a93fb1dd94a8ac44d94ed96614ec1568aa3066a43

Last modified July 14, 2022: add release note v0.11.0 (#27) (8ca84df)