v0.3.0 (2021-08-07)

Clusternet Release v0.3.0

🎉 🎉 🎉 Third Release! v0.3.0 !

Clusternet (Cluster Internet) is an open source add-on that helps you manage thousands of millions of Kubernetes clusters as easily as visiting the Internet. No matter the clusters are running on public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or at the edge, Clusternet lets you manage/visit them all as if they were running locally. This also help eliminate the need to juggle different management tools for each cluster.

Clusternet can also help deploy and coordinate applications to multiple clusters from a single set of APIs in a hosting cluster.

Changes Since v0.2.0

  • use socket transport only when ManagedCluster.Status.UseSocket is true (#30)
  • introduce new kind Localization, Globalization, and Base to apps/v1alpha1 (#23)
  • introduce new Group shadow/v1alpha1, and use feature gate ShadowAPI to enable serving apiserver for shadow apis / GVKs, such as apps/v1, batch/v1, extensions/v1beta1 and etc (#35, #39, #41, #45)
  • deploy objects, such as Deployments, StatefulSet, Namespace, CRDs, etc, with generic deployer (#49, #48, #46)
  • add client-go wrapper and example codes (#43)
  • kubectl plugin kubectl-clusternet

Downloading Clusternet v0.3.0

The common platform binaries are here:

OS ArchChecksum
MacOS amd64706ca01fe677e0c1ec879f6547e3d54e82994fd6897e20157e575026ca20b762
MacOS arm6450b0f20a7945c3bdfed9dd12ab39eff83e9f4bb00a5eeb1e61896407efae8e6e
Linux i38677d1974b832f9e057cdd0ae233b41c8b9d60ca8c8a7dc62de950427f53fa9759
Linux amd64eae53a9aaf2ac14fd4690fbac818f40df7765509abb3fa593dcd01328e18cf2b
Linux armd5617c160dd3b2c319edb5b5581a0ac385ea905a36f78a0bbb7c86467812d4dc
Linux arm64151644b5393a7cc05e63798b0bdca1843ff4f0c18f0396b68a8b2802505d76bd
Linux ppc64le6ecf3aff2c0e85b92872be0e8da1e3271388c0989f335abb866bb78bbf5221ca
Linux s390xb656840889b6994f06188e997bc7fd99914c7c7d74249c3201663470b3447cd0

Last modified July 14, 2022: add release note v0.11.0 (#27) (8ca84df)