v0.2.0 (2021-07-10)

Clusternet Release v0.2.0

🎉 🎉 🎉 Second Release! v0.2.0 !

Clusternet (Cluster Internet) is an open source add-on that helps you manage thousands of millions of Kubernetes clusters as easily as visiting the Internet. No matter the clusters are running on public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or at the edge, Clusternet lets you manage/visit them all as if they were running locally. This also help eliminate the need to juggle different management tools for each cluster.

Clusternet can also help deploy and coordinate applications to multiple clusters from a single set of APIs in a hosting cluster.

Changes Since v0.1.0

  • Bumps default namespace from edge-system to clusternet-system (#4)
  • Allows using a short-path URL handler for direct child cluster visiting (#3, #18)
  • Adds subresource sockets/proxy (#18)
  • Supports visiting child clusters with RBAC, including serviceaccount tokens, tls certificates (#19)
  • Introduces new api group apps/v1alpha1, which includes HelmChart, Subscription, Description, HelmRelease (#13)
  • Add a new feature gate Deployer to allow clusternet-hub working as a deployer to distribute kinds of resources to a group of clusters (#13)
  • Supports deploying helm charts to multiple clusters (#13)
  • Introduce cluster sync mode, Push, Pull, and Dual (#12)
  • Add a new feature gate AppPusher to fasten seat belt of child clusters (#11). With regard to security of child clusters, deploying applications directly from parent cluster should be limited. A more configurable way is provided here.

Downloading Clusternet v0.2.0

The common platform binaries are here:

OS ArchChecksum
MacOS amd64633c8b52f4dd67a7a3c4f2be0ecbd4665d3f8c455f76e8a6038ecb6b6e24069b
MacOS arm6408df33a46bb593c3a5bcf2e23eb2258ed75c8b2167a94666185d4566c05a2b48
Linux i386f3c78a884b187c0f49dc7f5a04b378b305ef8b04ad9785ee3fac3711d1bee878
Linux amd6403979f5653b9fc89a7aa2a157de653d2121922d8ade4f9df9be2779a53d2db51
Linux arm689423d9e97babcba31d9b609dd46b456c41a9e98a086647583ea8e64f149c55
Linux arm6458537016a150b742e3270bcf3bedc93520caae87456a541eecbbca978b9c402c
Linux ppc64le4421ec3a3cb2dd4e7c6e3432ab0280ec87357f7170ab4bd671ad30c4387feb72
Linux s390xa8fabd9dd424f337714f27140e76309acbaa8c39107071a52536de57271d4dc8

Last modified July 14, 2022: add release note v0.11.0 (#27) (8ca84df)