v0.13.0 (2022-11-14)

Clusternet Release v0.13.0

What’s Changed

  • ignore rescheduler when no available cluster by @silenceper in #501
  • update codecov to v3 by @dixudx in #502
  • add mcs related cluster roles by @lmxia in #506
  • Fix non-nil pointer error about ClusterRoleBindingList by @xieyanker in #507
  • populate legacy secret-based sa token by @dixudx in #503
  • fix rollback-with-no-crd-error by @lmxia in #510
  • Add routes from parent cluster to child cluster pod by @Airren in #512
  • fix unmateched serviceimport port name in mcs-api example by @Airren in #513
  • add list verb to clusternet:hub clusterRole by @metang326 in #514
  • add scheduler config and support out-of-tree scheduler plugin by @silenceper in #498
  • use discovery v1beta1 by @metang326 in #518
  • aggregate work nodes labels with threshold by @lmxia in #520
  • fix helm description cannot delete by @DanielXLee in #525
  • bugfix: fix the improper usage of version package by @mars1024 in #523
  • only enable service import/export controllers after EndpointSlice v1beta1 promoted by @mars1024 in #529
  • only discovery endpointslice for k8s upper than 1.21.0 by @yiwei-C in #532
  • support scheduling by cluster subgroup by @Sad-polar-bear in #524
  • fix missing status update of description by @Sad-polar-bear in #534
  • update subGroup example fields by @Sad-polar-bear in #535
  • sort the clusters by descending order of decimal part in dynamicDivideReplicas by @Garrybest in #533
  • update RBAC rules for clusternet-agent running in capi by @dixudx in #537
  • fix bindingClusters not update and generic description cannot delete by @DanielXLee in #539
  • non blocking callback handler for feature gate Recovery by @silenceper in #542
  • bump container images to v0.13.0 by @dixudx in #540

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.12.0…v0.13.0

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