v0.1.0 (2021-06-09)

Clusternet Release v0.1.0

⚡ ⚡ ⚡ First Release!

This is the first release of Clusternet, which is aimed to help manage multiple Kubernetes clusters (including public, private, edge, etc) as easily as visiting the Internet.

What’s In

Clusternet consists of two components, clusternet-agent and clusternet-hub.

And Clusternet is multiple platforms supported, including linux/amd64, linux/arm64, linux/s390x, etc.

clusternet-agent: runing at each child Kubernetes cluster

  • Automatically registers current cluster to a parent cluster as a child cluster
  • Reports heartbeats of current cluster, including Kubernetes version, running platform, healthz/readyz/livez status, etc
  • Sets up a websocket connection with clusternet-hub in the parent cluster to provide full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection

clusternet-hub: running at the parent Kubernetes cluster

  • Runs as an Aggregated Apiserver (AA) that maintains multiple active WebSocket connections between child clusters
  • Approves registration requests from child clusters
  • Creates exclusive set of resources for each child cluster, such as namespaces, service accounts and RBAC rules
  • Proxies all Kubernstes-styled APIs to targeted child cluster
  • Allows to manage all child clusters (running in private cloud, at the edge, etc) with KubeConfig

Downloading Clusternet v0.1.0

The common platform binaries are here:

OS ArchChecksum
MacOS amd641594051bf314760f4e24e1aa5724ade82caff19d36be36b9ccfe071e10b29a87
MacOS arm646eb331b649e4e45171038f28227d217d40a9f5244067b9b170796b970139c476
Linux i38606ee6a40227bfe6b560078da16d10f89af910fba5aaad3998c2025782412bcef
Linux amd6445add7008e56e836e27ef8caa66f24c881bf79714fd57238caec9b1490e17d49
Linux arm7e7f327ab58cfdc180804d136af76dd951bbe8b98741ad687ff9099092e16405
Linux arm642e4708f52e8750294b985e775820cf28b1541512ca80f41aa1900d8ff5851474
Linux ppc64le610e0301b7eebaa3bc41e842e898fc5ba21c02c823879bc3d4c3d107e71b0a90
Linux s390xc46ea0c3601ed1de260a5cbcc2b6b0526964c8c862d19398b36a8f0fd24b72df

Last modified July 14, 2022: add release note v0.11.0 (#27) (8ca84df)