How to Set Overrides in Clusternet

Setting priority based overrides

Clusternet provides a two-stage priority based override strategy. You can define namespace-scoped Localization and cluster-scoped Globalization with priorities (ranging from 0 to 1000, default to be 500), where lower numbers are considered lower priority. These Globalization(s) and Localization(s) will be applied by order from lower priority to higher. That means override values in lower Globalization will be overridden by those in higher Globalization. Globalization(s) come first and then Localization(s).

Meanwhile, below override policies are supported,

  • ApplyNow will apply overrides for matched objects immediately, including those are already populated.
  • Default override policy ApplyLater will only apply override for matched objects on next updates (including updates on Subscription, HelmChart, etc) or new created objects.

Here you can refer below samples to learn more,

Please remember to modify the namespace to your ManagedCluster namespace, such as clusternet-5l82l.