Welcome to Clusternet!

An open-source project that helps users manage multiple Kubernetes clusters as easily as ‘visiting the Internet’ (thus the name ‘Clusternet’).

It is a general-purpose system for controlling Kubernetes clusters across different environments as if they were running locally.

Contributions Welcome!

New users are always welcome! Please feel free to submit a Pull Request on GitHub.

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Multi-cluster Management

Manage multiple Kubernetes clusters (running on public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or at the edge) from a single management cluster.

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Application Management

Deploy Helm Charts, all Kubernetes built-in resources (like Deployments) and CRDs to managed clusters with two-tier application configuration for cluster-specific values.

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Kubernetes Native

Out-of-the-box add-on to empower standard Kubernetes clusters.

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RBAC Support

Support accessing all managed clusters with RBAC.

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CLI Support

Command line interface installable via Krew with consistent experiences with kubectl.

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